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Injuries can be avoided and money saved by using the right timber for the right job, particularly for decking says Timber Queensland, which warns that there are increasing instances of timber decks failing prematurely. Sometimes timber can be “passed off” as highly durable species when it’s not. While in other cases the timber purchased for the job is not as durable as has been traditionally used for decks and is now required by Building Regulations. Timber Queensland says that builders and renovators need to check to be sure the timber you buy is true to label and fit for purpose to avoid premature failure.

You can use the publication Construction Timbers in Queensland (CTIQ), which can be downloaded from, to find out the appropriate timber species to be used for specific structural purposes. Alternatively you can go to for a list of timber merchants who sell true to label, and fit for deck timber. Timber Queensland advises that naturally durable Queensland hardwood decking timbers will deliver the best performance. It might cost a little more initially but will last much longer and look better longer, compared with cheaper alternatives.

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