Categories: Laundry and Laundry Storage/cabinetry.
Suppliers: Attic Group.

Attic Group has launched the GarageTek home organisation system.  The US-concept turns walls and ceilings into practical storage areas, freeing up valuable floor space and ensuring garage utility is maximised. GarageTek walling is used in place of plasterboard to create a ready surface for a suite of accessories including cabinets, shelves and racks to organise tools, sporting equipment and hobby items.  For around the same cost as a standard wall, GarageTek negates the time, effort and cost spent drilling hooks and brackets into the wall and installing shelves or mismatched cabinetry.  The TekPanel is a weatherproof, waterproof, easy-to-clean surface that then takes a range of accessories. In addition to wall storage options, GarageTek also offers hoists for bikes, kayaks and larger items that can be suspended above vehicles in the garage.  Not limited to the garage, the system can be integrated into laundries, workshops and other key storage zones around the home. A number of DIY starter packs are available from $435. Each pack includes a 2 x 2.8 metre TekPanel and a selection of accessories.

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