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Suppliers: FX Australia.

New from FX Australia is the Lemon Tree Creek range of environment-safe coatings designed as an integrated, easy to use system for use on most interior and exterior surfaces. There are five water-based coatings in the range: Lemon Tree Creek Sealer Undercoat; Lemon Tree Creek Ceiling Flat; Lemon Tree Creek Low Sheen; Lemon Tree Creek Pre-Coat; and Lemon Tree Creek Water-Based Enamel.

All coatings have been specifically formulated using cutting edge technology that not only eliminates the health and environmental problems associated with some commonly used paint products, but also delivers superior performance, excellent opacity and easy maintenance. The Lemon Tree Creek range incorporates the latest resins and advanced molecular sieve technology and are APEO-free; and either VOC-free or low VOC.

FX Sealer Undercoat and FX Ceiling Flat use molecular sieve technology. Because molecular sieve pigments absorb toxins and odours, and because FX Low Sheen is breathable, when these three products are used together, as recommended, toxins are absorbed through the FX Low Sheen, and stay inert in the FX Sealer Undercoat. All these coatings are VOC-free. FX Pre-Coat, recommended for use with FX Water-Based Enamel (gloss and semi-gloss) on trims and doors, are both low VOC products.

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