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Suppliers: CSR Hebel.

CSR Hebel has launched their new PowerPanel XL for houses and low-rise residential external wall applications. Being 20% lighter than Hebel’s current 75mm panel, PowerPanel XL allows for faster installation and less labour compared to traditional masonry construction techniques. Hebel have also streamlined the construction process by developing a clever perforated top hat and easier-to-fix screws to speed up installation time. This new system allows for the external walls to be installed in around 3-4 days, cutting significant time when compared to other masonry systems.

The Hebel PowerPanel XL External Wall System for houses and low-rise multi-residential applications has been designed for homes built using timber or steel framing, including home extensions and second storey additions. PowerPanel XL is also suitable for the re-cladding of existing homes. The system comprises 75mm thick, steel-reinforced Hebel panels, fixed vertically to the horizontal perforated battens, which are directly attached to the load-bearing frame. CSR claims that a 75mm thick Hebel PowerPanel XL panel has up to 3 times the insulation R-value of a traditional 110mm brick. This combination of thermal resistance and thermal mass provides a comfortable and efficient living environment, reducing reliance on heating and cooling appliances.

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