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Have you been putting off a painting job because it was too difficult to reach? The Painting Buddy is a new innovative product that allows you to complete all of your high and difficult-to-reach painting jobs without the need for a ladder. The Painting Buddy is a 360-degree rotatable paint brush holder that easily attaches to the end of any universal extension pole, and fits any size paint brush. It’s very easy to use; adjusts to any angle; and is suitable for anyone, from the professional painter to the DIYer. You can now paint
gutters, fascias, cornices and stairwells without having to pull out a ladder or stretch dangerously to complete difficult jobs. The Painting Buddy will have you painting like a pro within minutes!

Designed to mimic your own hand holding a paint brush, the Painting Buddy is lightweight and will retain a strong grip at the end of your extension pole, giving you superior control for any painting job – anywhere!

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