Categories: Bathroom Resurfacing, Bathroom Tiles, Benchtops & Splashbacks, Kitchen Repairs, and Refrigeration.
Suppliers: EnduroShield.

EnduroShield is a permanent non-stick protective coating for use on glass, tiles and grout, and stainless steel surfaces in commercial and residential kitchens. Using state-of-the-art nanotechnology, EnduroShield acts as a permanent barrier to seal the porosity of the surface, allowing contaminants to sit on the easy-to-clean coating. It thereby prevents contaminants from soaking into the surface, protecting against staining and etching. This protection also reduces the build-up of mould, grease and bacteria. It is non-toxic, safe to use near food preparation areas and can withstand heat up to 300-degrees Celsius. EnduroShield® can be applied in-factory to glass, tiles or stainless steel before installation, or in-situ by certified applicators. But it is now available in a DIY kit.

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