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Suppliers: The Flood Company.

Guesswork and mess have been deleted from the latest range of small-project paints from The Flood Company, aptly named HandyCan. Clear plastic screw-top jars [in 100ml, 200ml and 350ml sizes] mean the EXACT colour of the paint is visible; and screw-top lids mean no messy drips and dribbles, plus a perfectly sealed container between uses. These acrylic polymer paints are water washable when still wet so children can use them without any risk of ‘accidents’. And while water-based, these paints are suitable for use on surfaces inside and outdoors, offering superior adhesion to virtually any surface. Available in six colours – orange, pink, red, blue, yellow and green – and three sizes, HandyCan Glo is available nationally from most paint and hardware stores. Prices: 100ml $11.95; 200ml $17.95; and 350ml $27.95

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