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Apartment-living can mean smaller spaces but that doesn’t mean you have to forego enjoying a fireplace. EcoSmart Fires [from The Fire Company] offer complete Fire Design Solutions to fit compact urban spaces. Because EcoSmart Fires are fuelled by clean-burning bioethanol, all of their Fireplace Inserts, Bioethanol Burners, and Freestanding Designer Fireplaces are vent free with no need for gas or electric lines. This makes EcoSmart Fires an ideal solution for high-rise buildings and areas with strict building codes.

American interior designer Kathy Adcock-Smith and architect Joe Eisner both had U.S. clients who wanted to add a luxurious and easy-to-install centrepiece in their high-rise apartments. She faced the challenge of finding a fireplace that provided an architectural grounding for the seating arrangement while also preserving the beautiful Dallas city-view. The Vision, with its clear glass back and ventless burner, offered an ideal solution.

Meanwhile, New York architect Joe Eisner needed a fireplace that met the design restraints of high rise construction, specifically a ventless fireplace similar to those he had seen in his international travels in high end hotels. The solution was the Firebox 650SS. Ventless, zero clearance, and made of brushed stainless steel, this model brought both high design and functionality to the renovation-project.

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