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Suppliers: Austral Masonry.

The wet-cast, hollow block MagnumStone retaining wall system from Austral Masonry has been developed with the engineer and installer in mind. Its hollow-core construction takes the dead weight out of the centre of the unit whilst maintaining its strength and structural integrity.  Using almost half the concrete of a solid system, MagnumStone’s vertical and horizontal hollow core reduces the blocks’ weight for easier handling, whilst also making it easier to assemble and dissemble for temporary wall projects. Furthermore, the hollow core, which is filled with crushed gravel, provides an excellent wall drainage system and superb connection with the geosynthetic reinforcements.

Functionality is key in the MagnumStone system, which features durable, high shear strength concrete SecureLugs that fit neatly into the hollow cores of the lower units, allowing significant lateral movement without losing unit-to-unit interlock.  This helps to significantly speed up installation time and reduce costs. Three installers can construct 80-150m2 of wall units per day. The system’s wet-cast manufacturing process also provides the units with high strength, low absorption and impressive freeze/thaw results; whilst its tapered sides make it easy to build tight curves and straight walls with accuracy. The large blocks enable gravity walls to be built up to 2.6m high as a single skin, and 4.8m high as a double skin in good soils and with no loading. This makes them ideal for use in boundary applications where crib-walls would generally benefit.

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