Categories: External Walls and Outdoor Tiles.
Suppliers: Austral Masonry.

Cleverly produced by exposing the face of blended sands, GB Elegance Masonry Blocks, from Austral Masonry, offer the finish of natural sandstone with the design flexibility of masonry blocks. Utilising high quality raw materials the fine surface finish creates a distinctive, natural look that complements both traditional and contemporary architectural style.  The blocks have been honed back to create a smooth finish to give them a subtle sheen. This premium product combines the colour and character of natural sandstone with the consistency, strength and durability demanded in modern construction. Available in three colour blends, Brisbane, Sydney and Endeavour, the GB Elegance range can easily blend and highlight with other building materials. They come in two versions, 200mm and 100mm series, as well as four choices of capping tiles for intricate finishes.

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