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The Kaldewei Duo Pool is 50.05cm deep, only 1500mm long and 1m at the widest point! The shorter the length of a bath, the greater depth is required to complete the “comfort equation”. A shorter length means you are sitting more upright, therefore you will require greater depth in the “back” of the bath to support your neck. If you choose to put a shower over this bath it has ample standing room in the base for a generous showering area. Screening this shape of bath will be a challenge so perhaps you shouldn’t attempt that, but instead make the entire floor a wet area and locate the floor-waste close to the bath for rapid draining of the bath area.

Meanwhile, the Twin Pool offers versatile solutions for bathroom design, freeing up space for a double-bowl vanity, extra cabinetry or a bidet. In a 120cm x 120cm space, you get a 1700mm long bath which is a luxurious 1.0m wide and suitable for single-person bathing, two-person bathing and showering. One end is sloped while the other is vertical. This increases the base-length for taller bathers, while making the end with the vertical sides safer for showering. The sloped “back” end of the bath also incorporates a “lumbar-support zone” to complete the “comfort equation”.

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