Categories: Vinyl & Cork flooring.
Suppliers: Premium Floors.

ReadyCork®’s engineered floating floor planks [from Premium Floors] are 1746mm long x 194mm wide x 13.5mm thick, including  a 3.2mm cork top layer and a 1.8mm cork backing for impact sound insulation. There are five shades available in the ReadyCork Vita range: Oak Blanc, Oak Pearl, Oak Antique, Oak Sienna and Oak Java.  It can be easily installed without any need for sanding, glue or sealants. Cork is waterproof and the natural waxy substance inherent in cork, called suberin, makes it mould- and mildew-resistant.

Cork flooring is soft, comfortable to walk on and impact resistant thanks to the natural memory of cork – it always moves back to its initial shape. Cork flooring is warm underfoot in winter, yet refreshing underfoot in summer, utilising its natural insulation characteristics. Importantly, Cork is also a natural noise canceller, which makes it quiet underfoot. No glue or other adhesives are needed for installation. ReadyCork just clicks together and is installed floating over an underlay. The Uniclic system employs world’s-best-practice and it is therefore a DIY installation job.

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