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Cabot’s are debunking some of the myths associated with deck maintenance.

Myth #1: New timber does not need to be cleaned prior to coating. Fact: New timber contains tannins, oils, dirt and in some cases mould, which must be removed before coating. If you’re installing a new deck it is important to know that new timber can contain a lot of tannins and oils. The tannins, oils and dirt will affect the look and longevity of the finish you apply so they need to be removed before coating. The most effective way is by cleaning the timber with Cabot’s Deck Clean. Note that new, tannin-rich timber should be left uncoated for four to six weeks to allow the tannins to leach out before it’s sealed.

Myth #2: Oil-based finishes last longer than water-based finishes. Fact: Water-based deck finishes which are based on modern technology, such as Cabot’s Aquadeck, are formulated to last longer than some traditional oil-based coatings. Like traditional oil-based finishes, modern water-based products, such as Cabot’s Aquadeck, penetrate into the timber, nourishing the grain. The added benefit of water-based finishes is the barrier it forms on top of the timber, protecting it against the elements for longer without risk of cracking, peeling or blistering. Cabot’s Aquadeck provides significant durability and resistance to UV damage for decking and exterior timbers.

Myth #3: You can’t use your deck for a week after coating. Fact: With fast-drying, water-based products like Cabot’s Aquadeck you can use your deck the same day as coating. While traditional oil-based decking oils can take up to 24 hours or more to dry, water-based products generally have a quicker drying time, such as Cabot’s Aquadeck which has a recoat time of just two hours.

Myth #4: You need to coat your deck only once the timber begins to grey. Fact: Grey timber is a sign of decaying timber which should be avoided. Greyness is the first visible sign of decaying timber and signals when the surface layer begins to deteriorate and collect dirt. However this is also a sign that your timber is suffering. To test if the surface of your deck requires a fresh coat, sprinkle water onto the surface. If the water beads on the surface, the deck is still protected. If the water is absorbed it is a sign that the old finish has worn away, leaving the wood underneath unprotected. If left unfinished, it will begin to grey.

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