Categories: General Building and Other Materials.
Suppliers: Robert Selkirk Bricks.

The Robert Selkirk Collection celebrates the original values of his brick business established 130 years ago. The ILLUMINA range in this collection utilises technical expertise to create a lustrous surface inspired by precious stones in three colours: Black Diamond is a blackened deep charcoal, moody and brilliant; Silver Pearl is a softer greyed luminous tone; and Plum Sapphire is a shimmery, more colourful rich shade with red undertones. ILLUMINA is a sophisticated contemporary range with clean edges and a uniform semi-glazed face finish. Perfect with rolled or flush mortar in tonal or contrast for a design statement, it creates the look of luxury with an emphasis on design.

The ARTISAN range reflects classic, timeless design with a textured handcrafted appearance which acknowledges the beauty of its natural earthy origins, in 2 colours: Lydiard is a rich chestnut brown tone with a blue contrast; while Lonsdale is a timeless choice with deep charcoal tones. ARTISAN is a versatile range which complements both traditional and contemporary architectural styles. This adaptable range is available in both slimline 50mm and standard 76mm dimensions.

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