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Suppliers: Delsa Bathware & Design.

Delsa Bathware & Design have introduced the teuco range of spa baths, made from acrylic-based composite material Duralight®. Compact and non-porous across its entire thickness, this durable material is resistant to external agents, which allows for surfaces to be restored to mint-condition. With the use of Hydroline in the teuco Outline Bath, nozzles have been replaced by thin slits that are hidden from view, creating a seamless whirlpool bath. The only sound the whirlpool makes is that of flowing water. Capitalising also on the benefits of coloured lights to emotionally as well as physically cleanse, this bath makes use of a chromo-experience system, offering a relaxing and therapeutic experience.  And with the effect of ultrasound teamed with the whirlpool, Hydrosonic® makes the massage penetrate beneath the skin, for a deep and intense treatment for total well-being. Indulging in 20-minutes of Hydrosonic® is claimed to improve cellular metabolism, encourage lymphatic drainage, help muscles recover after exercise, and reduce stress and joint-pain. The Duralight panels of the Outline Bathtub are available in any colour, whilst the bathtub’s size ranges from 178x79cm to 200x80cm.

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