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Suppliers: Hansgrohe Bathroomware.

Luxury long enjoyed in Europe, Australian’s are now able to enjoy thermostatic showering pleasure at home. You can keep your shower at a constant temperature independent of toilet flushes, dishwashers and other water-use. The new Hansgrohe Ecostat thermostats provide a reliable protection against cold-water surges and hot-water surprises, offering comfort and safety for everyone. The new, compact and rapid-reacting thermostat cartridge provides excellent temperature control and fits an elegant, slim faucet body with a diameter of only 38mm. They are easily retrofitted when the iBox Universal is installed, with a simple bathroom update turned around in under an hour.

With three different designs, the new Ecostat E [$1249], Ecostat S [$1629] and Pura Vida [$2479] thermostats can be matched with the Hansgrohe Elegance, Style and Pura Vida tapware lines. Clean, clear and slender, the Ecostat S thermostat is an excellent match for the up-to-date minimalist bathroom. Safety Stop and Safety Function have been integrated in both the exposed and concealed thermostats. The Ecostat E’s slender faucet body is in perfect harmony with the slim handles and the tapered wall plates. This compact, seemingly weightless structure provides a modern look.  And the Pura Vida thermostat is matched perfectly to complement the Pura Vida range of showers and tapware.

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