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The Aussie Bushfire Survival Plan [prepared by Aussie Pumps and available online] maps out two options: stay and defend; or leave early and avoid the fire altogether.  The company warns against emotional decisions about staying to defend when equipment, water or supplies are inadequate. People often think they can use their pool pump or other electric pump to protect their property.  But what many people don’t realise is that one of the first things that happen in a bushfire is that the power goes out leaving an electric pumping system useless.

Accordingly, the foundation of a protection plan is a quality petrol-powered pump. The Aussie Fire Chief was designed for Australian bushfire fighting conditions. It’s typical of the type of top quality product that should be the heart of any external sprinkler or fire protection system. This powerful pump will enable you to run a sprinkler system while, at the same time, supporting a 1-inch firefighting hose and nozzle for mopping-up. The Aussie Bushfire Survival Plan deals with an analysis of the site conditions and provides recommendations and practical advice on property fire protection systems.

Property preparation and guidelines on design and installation of sprinkler systems are all included in the guide. Other vital information includes: the advantages and features of either petrol or diesel drive pumps; the use of lightweight, Ultralight pumps; and the vital pre-season preparation and servicing that must be carried out to equipment to make sure it works when it has to.

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