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Suppliers: The Fire Company.

When German interior designer Marén Niehoff was asked to create a modern, stylish and comfortable lobby area for the new Fleming’s Deluxe Hotel Frankfurt main-riverside, Germany, she was looking for an appropriate fireplace. Marén found it in EcoSmart’s XL900 burner [from The Fire Company]. Due to the length and size of its flame this burner fits the sleek, modern décor of the lobby. The design concept for the lobby area was that of a ‘home away from home’ – for which Flemings is renowned.

The size of the flame isn’t only striking for Marén; the guests enjoy the fireplace a great deal, with such a long flame complementing the surrounding materials of stone and glass. The burner is set into a low metal bench against a specially made stacked stone wall. Custom timber shelving in a deep hue frames the fireplace, giving the room comfortable, vintage elegance. Contrast is provided by the stainless steel water feature behind the flame that reflects the light of the fire into the lounge.

The XL900 burner appealed to Marén as it opened up the possibility of enjoying the luxury of a fireplace without the smoke or soot of a traditional fireplace. It was the touch needed to enhance the surrounding natural stone and timber textures.

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