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Suppliers: Festool Australia.

Festool has revamped its range of dust-extractors by introducing the new CTL MINI/MIDI generation with up to 40% more suction power, and the new CT 17 E universal extractor. The 40% greater suction power of the new mobile CTL MINI and MIDI is attributed to the combination of 3,700 l/min suction capacity, 240 mbar vacuum and a special tapered suction hose. These two compact extractors are ideal for assembly, installation and renovation applications and are equipped with a number of intelligent features such as a hose holder for shorter set-up times; self-clean filter bags for constant suction power; and they are compatible with the SYS T-LOC system which can be attached to the top.

Alternatively, the CT 17 E mobile vacuum is ideal for cleaning-up in the workshop or garage; and is suitable for both wet and dry extraction. The single-speed high-performance turbine ensures a high suction power and flow rate. It also incorporates an additional blow function with a sealing cap on the rear of the housing, and a control for adjusting the suction power.

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