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Over 80% of the radiant heat from the sun stays inside the building envelope once it has passed through the glass. This is great in winter; but when you want to stay cool in summer it is either uncomfortable, or the bills for air conditioning get expensive. Curtains do little to solve the problem as the heat is already trapped inside. External venetians offer a solution. Sonnenschutz Shade & Shield [from Paarhammer Windows & Doors] comprises a range of quality external shutters, including their recently developed EVB External Venetian Blinds.

The aluminium blades have adjustable slat angles for easy control and regulation between natural light, heat entry and outside views. They can be manually or automatically operated, allowing integration with building control systems where required. The standard range has an 80mm slat width, spans up to 3000mm, and drops up to 2700mm. There is a variety of colours and blade shapes; and there are alternative headbox solutions to choose from. When required the blinds provide 100% blockout and clear views when retracted, and can tolerate wind speed up to 100km/h. Integrated roll-away flyscreens are available on certain options.

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