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Suppliers: Enware Australia.

When younger and older disabled or frail people cannot use kitchen facilities because of height or reach problems, the trend these days is to redesign the facilities around the person rather than require the person to adapt to the facilities. Accordingly, Enware now offers an expanded range of Danish-designed Pressalit Care manual- or electric-driven lifts for kitchen benchtops and wall cupboards. In the height-adjustable working environment standing and seated users, including wheelchair users, can work comfortably and safely.

The height-adjustable lifting units help create a safe and ergonomically correct working environment in small as well as large areas, ranging from kitchens in private homes to facilities in shared residential, workplace and care environments. Worktops can be adjusted vertically 300mm; wall cupboards can be moved diagonally, both vertically and forwards; and from its highest position, the cupboard can be moved 430mm downwards and 180mm forwards. The latest lifters for free-standing surfaces – adjustable over 300mm and supporting lengths up to 3000mm – can be used in rooms where walls may not be strong enough to support wall mounted lifters.

These clever lifts, stylishly contained within telescopic legs and behind cupboard fittings, enable people of different stature and physical capabilities to adjust the height of worktops and cupboards, so they can carry out as many functions as possible without assistance, whether standing or seated. The modular lifts can be incorporated into a virtually limitless range of standard and custom-fabricated cupboards and worktops, permitting professional and private users to combine them with the furniture of their choice, taste and professional requirements. The lifts can comply with both OHS and personal needs without needing to have any institutional feel at all.

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