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Bristile Roofing has developed a new roofing product, their Visum3 roof tile, designed to replicate the profile of traditional slate tiles as an affordable alternative for those desiring a shingle roof. Part of Bristile’s premium, European-style terracotta roof tile collection La Escandella Ceramica, the Visum3 features a low profile design with a slim 9mm nose to achieve ultra-flat laying for that shingle and slate appearance.  A triple cambered design gives each tile the appearance of three traditional plain tiles laid side-by-side, enabling designers, architects and home-renovators to replicate a slate finish on any project.

The Visum3 range is available in five monotone and duotone colours comprising: Slate, dark grey tone; Truffle, mid brown; Russet, vibrant red terracotta with darker shades; Old England, earthy terracotta with brown tones; and Vermont Grey, weathered grey shade.  This broad colour palette allows for applications in both traditional heritage settings and modern architectural designs.

Whilst the Visum3 replicates the classic beauty of natural slate, it offers a number of advantages.  Not only does it have a colour-for-life warranty, it is more durable and lightweight and features an innovative interlocking design that facilitates the installation process and ensures an excellent watertightness. The Visum3 roof tile also offers energy saving benefits thanks to the thermal insulating qualities of terracotta which manage heat transmission, helping to keep a home cool in summer and warmer in winter. The same mass that contributes to its thermal performance also provides sound insulation.

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