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The Smeg SACD8 8kg clothes dryer is a condenser dryer, which means there is no hot, moist air being expelled from the dryer into the laundry. A condenser dryer uses a heat exchange to cool the air and extract the water vapour before returning the air to the clothes drum to collect more water vapour and continue the process. Therefore there is no need for ducting or ventilation in the laundry area. There are 20 programs that have been designed to suit every type of fabric from the most delicate silks and synthetics to woollens, denims, cottons and sports gear; plus an integrated sensor that will turn the dryer off when the required amount of dryness has been reached. You can choose from iron-, cupboard-, or extra-dry. There is also a choice of four different spin speeds – 600, 800, 1000 and 1200rpm – plus reverse drum action which reduces creasing in the load. Drying temperatures range from 5°C to 35°C so there is less risk of shrinkage or damage to delicate fabrics.

It also has a one to 24 hour delay-start timer so that you can set the dryer to operate at night to take advantage of off-peak power. Other features include an internal light and the convenient plumbing of the water tank to negate the need for manual emptying. The Smeg SACD8 clothes dryer [$1590] takes a maximum 8kg of laundry; while the slightly smaller SACD7 model [$1390] takes up to 7kg. Kits are available so that both dryers can be stacked with the Smeg front load clothes washers.

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