Categories: Shower Areas/Screens.
Suppliers: Kaldewei Bathroomware.

Kaldewei’s Secure Plus is a virtually invisible full-surface anti-slip finish for enamelled shower surfaces. Available in the twelve matt colours of their Coordinated Colours Collection, it has advantages not only in terms of comfort and barrier-free access, but also facilitates design-oriented aesthetics in the bathroom. The Kaldewei Secure Plus enamel is permanently fired onto the shower panel made from 3.5mm enamelled steel. The result is a smooth material surface that guarantees complete and lasting safety and comfort underfoot. These enamelled shower surfaces are highly durable, robust and easy to clean. The Secure Plus anti-slip finish is available for Kaldewei enamelled shower surfaces in the Conoflat, Superplan, Superplan Plus and Xetis ranges in all shades of the Coordinated Colours Collection.

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