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The Breville Quick Touch microwave oven incorporates the three variables critical to achieving best results: power level; ingredient weight; and time. This appliance understands how much time and power is required to reheat, cook or defrost perfectly: so all you need to program is the weight. Kids will have fun with the Popcorn setting – simply select the bag size and press start; baking-enthusiasts will appreciate the Soften Butter and Melt Chocolate settings; and lovers of leftover pizza will enjoy the one touch Favourite setting for reheating. The ‘A Bit More’ setting that was introduced into Breville toasters has also been included in the Quick Touch microwaves. This adds an additional 15% of the programmed cooking time at the right power level. The new Breville Quick Touch microwave [$399.95] is available in four colours [stainless, white, cranberry or black sesame]; with colour-matched kitchen scales also available [$69.95].

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