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Suppliers: Aussie Pumps.

Aussie Pumps’ new Red Brigade enhanced performance fire pumps were developed for Australia’s often- catastrophic fire seasons. Christened the Red Brigade because of their distinctive red roll frame, this range provides improved performance, enhanced efficiencies and real benefits in terms of safety and convenience for fire fighters, farmers and home owners. Many users had asked for more performance, a bit more grunt and the convenience of roll frames and electric start.  Electric start on a fire pump means not having to rely on “muscle power” and that could save property, livestock or even human lives.

Consistent with the Aussie Fire Chief concept, the new Red Brigade pump has a big body featuring open water passages that enable more water through the pump at pressure.  The company’s teamed that with a finely tuned hydraulically balanced impeller that delivers consistent pressure and flow without overloading the engine. Like the entire Aussie Pump range, the new Red Brigade series will prime from 7.6m head.  The three way outlet allows the operator the flexibility of using either two 1” ports or one 1½” port.  The outlets are capped with metal screw caps fitted with security chains as standard equipment.

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