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With a low U-value of 0.8 the new ECO Façade by Paarhammer is constructed from timber, double- and triple-glazing and aluminium cladding. Doors, windows, fixed glass or solid panels are easily inserted to create an architectural look while being functional. Used in Europe, USA and Canada in medium-rise commercial as well as in multi-level residential buildings, these façades can reduce energy-use by up to 80%, saving on heating and cooling costs every day for the life of the property.

Paarhammer’s new release is slender and sturdy. The visible hardwearing and maintenance-free aluminium outer skin profile is only 50mm wide and available in a variety of colours. The internal timber structure ensures stability and high energy efficiency, which makes it suitable for a passive-house façade; and the internal timber-construction can be load bearing. As each glass panel operates independently, inserts of openable windows or doors can easily be accommodated to suit design-requirements, operated manually or motorised. Doors can be single, French, bi-fold or sliding; while glass units between 24 and 48mm to customer’s specifications can be inserted. All different glass combinations including Low-E, tinted, self-cleaning, etc, are possible to make up double- or triple-glazed units.

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