Categories: Paint, Timber & Laminated flooring, and Timber treatments.
Suppliers: Feast Watson.

With its milky white appearance, Feast Watson Liming White Floor Finish is ideal for introducing tranquillity into a space. It works for softer looks, such as Coastal or Hamptons trends; though with black accents it also provides an ideal base for contrasting and bold interiors. Conversely, there is nothing soft about the daring Feast Watson Black Japan Floor Finish, which allows you to achieve a dark, exotic timber finish. The Black Japan Floor Finish and Liming White Floor Finish both have a three coat system, allowing you to choose the intensity of the colour. These reformulated products by Feast Watson create a beautiful finish while still allowing the natural grain of timber to shine through.

FEAST WATSON BLACK JAPAN FLOOR FINISH is an oil-based interior floor finish which combines a traditional Black Japan stain with clear polyurethane for a one-step Black Japan look on interior timber- and parquetry-floors. But with three coats of Black Japan Floor Finish there is no need for a clear coat.

FEAST WATSON LIMING WHITE FLOOR FINISH combines a traditional lime stain with clear polyurethane for a one-step soft milky white colour for interior timber floors. As the formula is water based, Liming White Floor Finish will not yellow over time and you can complete your project in a single day. Apply one coat for a subtle pale colour; or multiple coats to build the opacity and whiteness. But a clear top coat is not required after three coats of Liming White Floor Finish.

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