Categories: External Walls.
Suppliers: Austral Masonry.

Austral Masonry has expanded its portfolio of Australian-made, premium masonry blocks with the GB Aspect range. This block features three horizontal lines ground through the face to give it an eye-catching and contemporary appearance. The three lines produce a similar aesthetic to ceramic tiles, which are becoming increasingly used as feature walls in contemporary homes and commercial designs. The GB Aspect range is an ideal feature wall option, as it is both a wall structure and finish in one block. Available in two distinct finishes, the honed face reveals the aggregate used in the block’s composition to give it a smooth, lustrous finish and subtle sheen; while the split face finish, created by splitting the body from the rock, produces a bold, rugged texture that exposes the aggregates in the face of the block.

The range comes in a selection of colours including pebble, russet, shale, sand, porcelain, nickel, pewter and limestone. Building with concrete masonry also offers a number of additional benefits due to their high structural strength, low embodied energy and good thermal mass properties which enables the material to slow the transfer of temperature fluctuations from external sources into internal living areas.

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