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Your entrance door should not only look good but work well. After choosing the right design, sealing and security are the main issues for front doors. Sealing well could mean that your door is double rebated with rubber seals all around. This reduces draughts to almost zero and your energy bills will also reduce, especially if glass components are double- or triple-glazed. Sealing against draughts will also improve sound protection, keeping street-noise outside.

New advances in locks and opening mechanisms can improve your entrance door’s security. Multi-point locks allow the door to be locked in several places at once just by turning the key in the lock. Hardware with 3 locks – top, middle and bottom of your door – can even include hooks, which makes it impossible for anyone to lift your door off its hinges. Electronic door locks can be integrated into your house security system so the front door locks can be operated by phone, keypad or fingerprint recognition.

The newest fingerprint locking option can come as a complete unit with your door. It does not need an electrician to install it separately or add it to your home automation system. This new lock is a stand-alone unit and can be programmed to recognise up to 100 individual fingerprints. You never need to carry a key! Whether you choose an elegant door, more modern or traditional, a variety of designs are available to suit the architectural style of your home or business, and custom designs are becoming popular during renovations. Advice provided by Paarhammer Windows & Doors.

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