Categories: Painting tools and Power tools.
Suppliers: Hitachi Power Tools.

Hitachi has released two new heat guns that provide a no fuss solution to paint-removal, plastic-welding and -bending, defrosting and plastic shrink wrapping for Tradies and DIYers.  The quick and easy heat selection switch on the RH600T provides 450°C and 600°C of hot air. The convenient quick cooling button delivers a shot of cool air (50°C) to speed-up the cooling down process when required. This model has a soft-grip slim handle; plus a flat base for a stable support area whenever used in an upright position.

The hotter model, the RH650V, offers temperatures from 50°C all the way up to 650°C. It also utilises a fully variable air velocity control that can maintain speeds between 250 and 500 litres per minute. All of these settings can be controlled through a range of easy-use buttons and have clear details displayed on the LCD-readout. This model also has a soft-grip slim handle for ease of use; and a flat base to increase support while using it in an upright position. Standard accessories for both models comprise a round nozzle, flat nozzle, curved surface nozzle, glass protector and a scraper with handle; all packaged in a heat-duty carry/storage case.

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