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Suppliers: Delsa Bathware & Design.

This limited edition range of Teuco bathware from Delsa Bathware & Design is aptly named and literally lined with opulence. Hailing from Italy, the latest luxurious Oro designs by Carlo Colombo are presented with 24kt gold leaf and encompass bathroom products under two titles: Accademia and Autoritratti. The neoclassical balance between material and shape inspires Oro Accademia, marrying classical stylistic features with the most sophisticated designs. Bathtubs, console wash basins, toilet suites and bidets in the range stand out with striking yet simple sophistication.

Adding to the aesthetic charm of the baths and basins is Duralight®, an innovative acrylic-based composite material developed by Teuco, which facilitates the crafting of complex and curved forms, large objects without joins, considerable thicknesses without adhesive, and customised products. The result is a long-lasting, visually appealing, non-toxic, easy-to-clean surface with a warm and appealing tactile sensation. To finish the bathroom masterpiece, Oro Autoritratti brings more of the precious metallic in the form of fixtures and bathroom furniture, such as: wall lamps, mirrors and chandeliers, shower doors, shower trays and cabinets.

The WELS star ratings and water consumption figures are: Toilets, WELS 4-stars (4.5/3L dual flush), average Flush 3.3L; Showers WELS 3-stars (9L/min); and Taps, Leaf WELS 4-stars (7.5L/min) + Skidoo WELS 5-stars (6L/min).

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