Categories: Vacuum Cleaners.
Suppliers: Electrolux.

The redesigned 2200W Electrolux UltraOne® vacuum cleaner [$599] offers a combination of excellent dust pick-up, low noise, and superb manoeuvrability. The secret behind the strong dust pick-up is its powerful motor combined with high airflow and an efficient nozzle. The new AeroPro nozzle is designed for optimal dust pick-up on all surfaces and is more effective than in previous models. As an ideal aid for allergy or asthma sufferers, the Electrolux UltraOne® retains an impressive 99.999% of the dust particles it vacuums. This means captured micro-dust and allergens remain inside the dust-bag instead of being released back into the air, via its five layers of filtration and a completely sealed filtration system.

Features and benefits include: HEPA 13 washable filter; ultra-long performance S-Bag with 5L dust capacity; electronic indicator for “dust bag full”; electronic indicator for “filter change”; LED display with remote control; 12m reach; AeroPro 3in1 accessory; AeroPro metal interlocking tube; AeroPro remote; AeroPro Extreme combination nozzle; Additional AeroPro hard floor nozzle. The Silent Air Technology 2200W UltraOne® Power model sells for $699.

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