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Under-tile heating is one of the most efficient ways of heating a bathroom or larger room. The Hotwire System is a 3mm thick, spooled electric heating element installed directly under tiles, granite, marble or slate. It’s installed on top of the slab and radiates heat to warm the air by convection. But it’s important to make a decision early if you’re building a new home or renovating because you need to lay the heating element underneath your tiles.

Some systems can be fully programmable and provide uniform, on-demand warmth. A kit suitable for a bathroom is around $499; and for a large family room runs from around $1200. Laying an under-tile heating system can be a DIY job with an electrician required only for installation of the thermostat. The tiles must be laid with adequate expansion joints in-between to prevent cracking. Aesthetics apart, there are practical reasons for under-tile heating – especially in areas subject to water spillage like bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Editorial provided by Beaumont Tiles.

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