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Suppliers: Hansgrohe Bathroomware.

Continually going back to the kitchen-tap, maybe to fill up a pot or to rinse some vegetables, or to wash your hands after baking, can pose a problem: how is it possible to turn the mixer on and off while carrying a heavy pot? Mixer-tap-specialist Hansgrohe has addressed this problem with the development of its Metris Select kitchen mixer. Its Select button means that the water can be turned on and off even while you’re on the go, without impeding your work-flow.

As with conventional single lever mixers, with Metris Select you turn on the water flow at the handle and set the required temperature and water amount. However, you can then turn the water on and off via the Select button, located on the front of the spout. With the water-volume and -temperature pre-set you can turn the water jet on and off using the back of your hand or your elbow. But you do not need connected-electricity or any extra equipment to enjoy this added convenience. The technology behind Select is purely mechanical. A newly developed shut-off valve closes and opens the water flow at the touch of a button. The WELS rating is 4-stars and it uses 7 litres/minute.

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