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Improved technology, safety and efficiency make ceramic heaters ideal for staying cosy indoors during the cooler months. The streamlined Kambrook 2000-watt KCE340 Ceramic Tower Heater [$119.95] operates at a low surface temperature and is self-regulating, creating a safe and energy efficient source of warmth. With an LCD digital display panel including room temperature display, it includes two heat settings, auto and fan only settings and an oscillating action to better circulate heat. The tower also includes an eight hour timer and can be adjusted via a handy remote control.

By heating the air and distributing warmth around the room, fan heaters achieve excellent heat coverage. Kambrook’s 2400-watt KFH660 Upright Fan Heater [$49.95] features a compact design with two heat settings and a fan-only setting. Its variable thermostat provides greater control as well as oscillation for more evenly distributed heat throughout the room. As with all Kambrook heaters, these two designs are ThermoGuard protected and feature a tip-over cut-out switch ensuring maximum safety.

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