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Designed for domestic use, the clever Exelgard Alarm Safety Switch automatically switches off a home’s power circuits when a smoke alarm detects fire, helping to minimise the spread of fire. The Exelgard Alarm Safety Switch must be installed by a licensed electrician, positioned alongside the switchboard, and connected to the hard-wired smoke alarms throughout the house. If a smoke alarm triggers, the switch automatically cuts off the selected power circuit breaker in the switchboard to stop the power supply to household appliances. But while the safety switch disconnects power to appliances, it does not affect a home’s lighting, ensuring that you have complete visibility in an emergency situation.

Turning off the power is one of the first steps that should be taken in the event of a fire, which the Smoke Alarm Safety Switch does automatically. Disconnecting the power supply also makes it safer for you to extinguish a fire as it reduces the chance of electrocution. As the switch relies on smoke alarm signals, it is vital that smoke alarms are maintained according to manufacturers’ recommendations. Households should have at least one smoke alarm installed between the bedrooms and the rest of the house; and on any other storey within the home.

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