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The most common mistake in tiling is unevenness, which is not just an eyesore but often a trip-hazard. A South Australian tiler, drawing on four decades of knowhow, accordingly developed the Simple Accurate Levelling System (SALS). It is a plastic clamp and washer device that tightens two tiles together, without any tile movement or scratching of the tiles. Tiles can be laid perfectly flat with no unsightly lips or trip-hazards. This system also utilises a specially-formulated adhesive.

Over the past couple of decades Tiling has gone from using predominantly small 6 inch X 6 inch tiles to large format 600mm X 600mm polished tiles, which are often tricky to lay. If your floors or walls aren’t completely flat it’s hard to get that even finish you want. But it’s not just an aesthetic issue; it can also be a safety issue, a tripping-issue. These new SALS help DIY-renovators to lay tiles so accurately they look like sheets of glass, with the grout-joints not getting dirty and remaining easy to clean. And for Tradies, the system makes laying tiles less stressful on the body and the mind; and more professional.

This new device caught the attention of ARDEX, a supplier of specialist building materials, who are now manufacturing and distributing it internationally. The SALS device is available in all Beaumont Tiles stores along with a host of specialty tiling products, adhesives and grouts.

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