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Regency Fireplace Products has released its new Extra Large Hybrid Catalytic Woodstove featuring Eco-Boost Technology. The Richmond F5102B lets you enjoy the impressive heat performance of Regency’s largest classic woodstove with today’s clean modern styling. This catalytic woodstove heater delivers both function and style that features sleek lines and a contemporary door design.

The loading capacity combined with the controllable burn rate of Regency’s Eco-Boost Technology provides flexibility to heat smaller homes with less reloading and larger homes with the maximum capacity available. The Richmond F5102B offers a very long burn-time, whilst keeping emissions to a minimum.  A simple single-lever air-controller, conveniently located at the front of the stove, can be adjusted to meet your requirements from a hot burn to a smouldering glow that just keeps the chill away. A heavy duty cast iron door offers a 1144cm2 window delivering a comforting view of the roaring fire; and the door opens to 170? making wood loading easy.

A heavy duty, secondary air tube is strategically placed to ensure maximized re-burn of the wood-fuel. Serving as a pre-filter, the Eco-Boost system maximizes efficiency and prolongs the life of the catalytic combustor by decreasing its exposure to harmful combustion substances.

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