Categories: Fireplaces, Mantels, surrounds and Wood burning heaters.
Suppliers: Chazelles Fireplaces.

The COLIBRI wood burning fireplace from CHAZELLES Fireplaces is designed for homes where there is no existing fireplace or chimney and you are looking for the safety and convenience of an eco-friendly clean-burning controllable wood heater. This raised firebox provides space underneath for timber storage. The Colibri can be installed almost anywhere with a minimum clearance of 175mm from the rear wall and 275mm clearance from the nearest side wall. For corner installations the Colibri wood heater can be located 150mm to the nearest wall. The firebox comes with a 3.6m flue kit in stainless steel with a decorative mesh design. Specifications include: 179kg heavy duty cast iron construction; lateral (side) opening; 150mm flue size; 820°C heat-resistant ceramic flat glass; choice of four cover finishes: black, blue, red or stainless steel; 10 year warranty; AS/NZS 4013 tested, AS/NZS 2918 tested.

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