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Suppliers: Siegware Aust.

Siegware Aust has recently introduced a range of industrial-grade adhesives from Austrian company Ramsauer. The new Kraftfix 655 is a silicone- and isocyanate-free powder adhesive that cures virtually without shrinkage and without odour. It provides excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, and can be used for securing glass panes into wooden and plastic frames. The product is also suitable for gluing mirrors. Another Ramsauer product, 811, is predominantly closed-cell PU foam which exhibits excellent adhesion to concrete, brickwork, cement, wood, chip board, plasterboard, porous concrete and plastic materials.

Specially developed for jointing natural stone such as marble, granite, terrazzo, etc, the 440 Natural Stone Sealant comes in many colours, does not cause contamination to edge zones, is resistant to cleaners and disinfectants, and suitable for joints exposed to high stress and in underwater structures. While, 540 Seal Pro has durability, vibration resistance, and elasticity over a wide temperature range and excellent adhesion to moist substrates. Thanks to quick curing and high initial adhesive force it is suitable for weather-resistant glue joints capable of bearing dynamic loads.

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