Categories: Construction and General Building.
Suppliers: Australian Pump Industries.

Australian Pump Industries have introduced a Japanese-made lightweight submersible single phase pump designed for general dewatering projects in building and construction. Tsurumi’s LB series was specifically designed for draining building and civil engineering sites.  The LB-480, weighing in at only 10kg, produces flows of up to 200 litres per minute, and maximum lifts, or vertical head of 10.5m.  The pump is powered by a single phase 0.48kW, capacitor start electric motor, and comes with 5m of heavy duty submersible cable. The pump’s motor is a dry type squirrel cage induction motor housed in a watertight casing.  It conforms to class E insulation and the LB-480 can be used in ambient temperatures of up to 40 degrees C.

The LB-480 has a semi vortex design impeller that features a “high-gap structure” that minimises impeller lock.  Impeller lock can occur when the pump sucks in a large amount of sand at once.  The high-gap structure allows the pump to clear itself.  It is highly resistant to abrasion, and performance is largely unaffected by minor wear.  The impeller is an open style, allowing solids in suspension to easily pass through the pump. Another important Tsurumi feature is an anti-wicking block provided at the cable entry section of the motor chamber.  Even if the cable jacket becomes damaged, or the tip of the cable is accidentally immersed in water, this device prevents water from travelling into the motor chamber through capillary action.

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