Categories: Gardening / Landscaping, Gas heaters, Outdoor Furniture, and Outdoor Lighting.
Suppliers: Climate Australia.

The Firestick [$1595] and Fire Fountain [$995] portable commercial gas heaters from Climate Australia are designed for outdoors heating situations. These appliances have been designed for the hospitality industry to be used as a heater in winter or as a lantern in summer. They are built to last and maintain their sleek looks even in the rowdiest of environments. The high-quality centre glass is unaffected by outside temperature and won’t break if splashed with cold liquids or hit with harsh winds. Its efficiency is also impressive with a 9kg gas cylinder burning all day and night for up to 20 hours. Covering up to 25m2 with heat, these heaters come fully assembled in a choice of 4 finishes to match various environments. Their tall and narrow design means they occupy limited space; and they are child proof.These models are also available for home heating applications for the backyard or on the patio.

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