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Families can minimise their food-waste with simple storage solutions and innovative technology, like the latest BioFresh and BioFreshPlus refrigerator-range from Liebherr [distributed by Andi-Co]. The way food is stored has a huge impact on its freshness and shelf-life. Using the BioFresh features in Liebherr’s refrigerator range, you can reduce fresh food wastage by correctly storing groceries in ideal conditions. Liebherr’s latest BioFreshPlus refrigerators come with separate electronics, providing a more flexible, tailored storage solution.

The BioFreshPlus safe can be set to the exact degree needed for different food types. For example: the storage life of seafood can be extended further at a temperature of -2°C;  the low humidity DrySafe section is ideal for meat, fish and dairy products; and the high-humidity HydroSafe section provides optimal storage conditions for fruit and vegetables. Maintaining temperatures at just above 0°C, Liebherr BioFresh and BioFreshPlus drawers prevent the evaporation of moisture, cell activation, support antibacterial function and also prevent the alteration of proteins, enabling you to keep food fresher for longer.

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