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The roof contributes significantly to the overall appearance of a house as it can make up to 30% of a home’s façade. A roof-renovation can be one of the best improvements to your home’s performance, energy-efficiency and appearance; and therefore has a major bearing on its overall look and marketability. When renovating it’s important to ensure the style of roof matches the historic-period of your house so that you maintain the design-aesthetic and integrity.

There is bound to be a Monier roof tile that will complement your house’s design, regardless of the period during which it was constructed. Monier’s terracotta tiles are available in three profiles: Nullarbor; Nouveau; and Marseille. The Nullarbor roof tile creates a streamlined, sleek and sophisticated roofline and as a flat terracotta roof tile it is suitable for both modern and classic architecture. The Nullarbor roof tile’s profile makes it an ideal choice to recreate the traditional look of slate; and comes in three colours. The Nouveau terracotta roof tile range also comes in three colours, with a satin finish providing durability with excellent depth and colour. While the Marseille roof tile enables you to create a heritage-style or a timeless-look for your home with its classic French-inspired architectural lines.

But if the design of your home doesn’t suit terracotta roof tiles, or if your budget is restricted, the Monier concrete roof tiles provide another option. As an alternative to using slate, Monier’s concrete roof tiles such as Cambridge, Madison or Georgian can recreate that slate look but at a lower cost. Monier Georgian concrete roof tiles cleverly combine the rich textures of traditional shingles with modern materials to provide a classic look. And with its “hewn stone” finish Monier’s Cambridge roof tile complements both contemporary and classically styled architecture; while the Madison concrete roof tile features a centre shadow-line that provides a sophisticated look.

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