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A dated 1960s red brick veneer home in Sydney was recently renovated into a modern-looking home with the use of BlueScope COLORBOND® steel roofing products, supplied by Stramit Building Products. Stramit® Corrugated profile in Basalt® was selected to renovate the roof of the main house and used to cover the newly constructed carport. The result transformed the appearance of this dated home. The objective of the renovation was to increase safety and security, modernise the home’s façade and create several child-proof, family-friendly spaces that would maximise the spacious front and rear garden areas, as well as creating an entrance with a wow-factor. The renovation strategy was to significantly improve the aesthetic appeal of the property by making a small property look substantially more spacious and therefore increase its value. This was done by adding bulk and scale to the surrounding gardens of the property and by creating a grander entry.

The scope of works comprised: cement rendering the house and garden beds; excavation of the front yard and then landscaping; installing a new large deck to the front of the house; converting window openings to bi-fold doors opening onto the deck; painting the house and garden beds; installing an overhead pergola over the front door; and replacing the existing roof and installing a new Stramit® Corrugated steel roof and carport. By using the same colour of steel roofing for this home improvement, the two key roofing components seamlessly integrate together to help create a roomy modern pavilion-style property. Overall, the additions make better use of the alfresco space by enhancing the spaciousness of the property and adding to its overall market value.

COLORBOND® has 22 designer colours in its range that are split into classic or contemporary palettes. The Basalt® hue, which was chosen for this renovation is one of six new shades that were developed for release in 2014.  As well as selecting the right colour, selecting the most appropriate roofing material is integral to the success of a renovation project.

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