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Suppliers: Ryobi Power Tools.

Ryobi’s ONE+ Hybrid Line Trimmer [$199] features an innovative dual commutator AC/DC motor providing options for corded or cordless power. The idea came from an observation that home owners prefer the uninterrupted power of mains electricity but can often be limited by the length of their power cord. The Ryobi ONE+ Hybrid Line Trimmer allows you the freedom to go anywhere under battery power. The ability to create an interface which would automatically switch between corded and battery power was a challenge; and the final design features the cord in the battery area with a sliding door so the choice between power supplies is clearly defined. The ONE+ Hybrid Line Trimmer kit includes an 18V battery which is part of Ryobi’s ONE+ system, which means that one battery can be interchanged to power over 40 different products across the range. Available from Bunnings Warehouse.

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