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Suppliers: PGH Bricks & Pavers.

Glazed bricks are becoming an integral element in home-renovations, including internal and external feature walls, water features and alfresco open fire hearths and pits. The variety of colours, textures and glazes now available provides builders, designers and home-renovators an extensive palette to work with. A selection of three bricks from the PGH “silver greys” colour group was used in the construction of The Aria display home by Modernview Homes.

The highlight of this house is the alfresco fireplace that features Nobel, a fully glazed, black brick from the PGH Academy collection. Designed to be the dwelling’s focal point, it is an example of how outdoors spaces have transformed how we live by eclipsing the kitchen as the hub of the home. This clever extension of modern outdoors/indoors living flows seamlessly through the den, formal dining room, family room into the kitchen. The double-sided, fully glazed, black brick fireplace is a striking centrepiece that acts as a divider, screening the alfresco dining area from the outdoors lounge, to create an intimate, cosy environment.

Aluminium from the PGH Composite collection, with its light grey colour, was selected to provide the home’s neutral canvas. Pewter, from the PGH Alchemy collection was chosen as the backdrop for the integrated water feature at the entrance. The metallic properties found in the brick help create a stunning visual artwork. PGH Bricks & Pavers has worked with leading colourists and design houses to create a comprehensive range of glazed, metallic, dry pressed and sandstock face bricks in an extensive range of colours and textures to suit any style or theme.

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