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Creating a spa-like, luxurious environment within a cancer treatment centre was the task assigned to New York architect Jeffrey Berman. He was asked to design a living room -really a family space – in lieu of a waiting room; and a fireplace with hearth was very much in keeping with this concept. The sophistication of the EcoSmart 1800SS stainless steel firebox [from The Fire Company] fitted this brief perfectly, with the added benefit of becoming the inspiration behind a special design concept. The fireplace was brought into the centre of the room to create a sense of warmth for the patients. The EcoSmart firebox makes the area cosy and works with the natural elements in the room. Also, every patient that finishes their radiation treatment signs a rock and places it in the hearth. It is a way that they have an eternal bond and connection with the Centre.

The inclusion of the fire, signed rocks and stacked ceramic stone wall makes the patients feel at home by creating a soothing, welcoming, healing environment. The natural elements of stone and fire, coupled with the rich timber hue of the hardwood floor and warm colour scheme, fulfil the desire for a facility that reduces the stress for patients undergoing life-saving treatment. And the low maintenance, no-mess aspect of the EcoSmart Fire was a major drawcard. Since the system does not require gas, flue, chimney or an electrical connection, the product met the tight city regulations for a fireplace in a commercial building. It was easy for the building management and the Fire Department to approve it.

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