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ILVE recently introduced a larger 76cm Pyrolytic Electric Oven [$4,999] to its built-in appliance range. Catering to dinner parties or large families, this 76cm/123-litre cavity electric oven includes a double fan with heating elements to provide superior heat distribution in the large cavity, allowing multi-level cooking; and eliminating “hot spots”. The full-cavity-width grill includes a heat reflecting surface to grill large portions of meat or fish with low energy consumption. Providing a complete multi-functional culinary experience, this 76cm electric oven provides six possible grill positions; and offers 13 different oven functions including a pizza and a bread baking setting.

The self-cleaning pyrolytic cycle can be set at the end of cooking and raises the temperature in the oven cavity to 475-degrees, which incinerates food residue on the oven walls without leaving unpleasant odours. The self-cleaning cycle can vary from one to three hours, depending on the cleaning required; with the duration appearing on the electronic display of the oven control panel. At the end of the cycle, you simply wipe the oven walls with a damp cloth to remove sediments. For safety during this cycle a lock is activated automatically on the door; while the tangential fan keeps running until the temperature falls below the required safety level. The oven door comprises four layers of hypothermic glass, resulting in a much lower temperature on the external glass, even during the self-cleaning cycle.

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